Death Chick 666 - chapter 4 - Big Bad Beezlebub Blaster


“So, what do we do now? Just wait?”


Trevor held up his phone, “I don’t get any service up here.”

“People don’t go camping to spend all their time looking at their phones.”

“Which is why I don’t camp. Actually, shouldn’t we have like a tent or something? A sleeping bag?”

“I don’t think we’re going to have to wait long after the sun goes down after what we did to the old man back at the store.”


“Okay, me.”

“Speaking of which, what am I supposed to do when these wolfmen show up? I don’t have any weapons.”

DC, who was wearing her full armor with the rail gun on her hip and the machine gun on her back pointed at the picnic table, “Hide under there and let me take care of it.”

“Could you give me a weapon? You can get stuff from the game so how about one of those fully automatic double-barrelled shotguns, what do they call it?”

“Beezlebub blaster. Actually the Big Bad Beelzebub Blaster.”

“Yeah, the quad B. Can I have one of those? It’s my favorite in the game. I kick serious ass with that thing.”


“Why not?”

“Only I can use them. It’s part of the deal.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. Didn’t you grab the old guy’s shotgun anyway?”

“You saw that?”


“It’s not quite the same as the quad B.”

Trevor looked at the sky. The sun was starting to set behind the mountain.

“It won’t be long now,” DC told him as she reached into an invisible box and retrieved the Beelzebub Blaster. It didn’t look like she should be able to lift it and it certainly didn’t look like it should work but it worked in the game so it would work here too. She might not have thought of it if Trevor hadn’t suggested it. 

They both silently watched the sun go down. When it was just peeking over the hilltop DC said, “Better hide now. It won’t be long.”

DC reached back into the invisible box and pulled out a few more goodies while she still had some time.



“Can, I like, go to the hospital?”

Rico looked over at Manny who had his foot wrapped up in his shirt. There was a hole clear though from the spike that pinned him to the floor of a gas station. He’d still be there if the owner of the station hadn’t found a hacksaw and sawed off the wide end so Manny could pull his foot through.

“Shut the fuck up Manny,” Rico told him.


“You know who’s not feeling any pain right now? Tommy. You should be thankful, she could have chosen to kill you instead.”

Manny didn’t have anything to say to that.

“Which brings up the question, why didn’t she?”

“She said she couldn’t.”

“You two have some sort of deal?”

“A deal where she fucks up my foot and destroys my car?”

“That’d be a good cover.”

Manny looked over at Reeves, the guy Rico called when shit got serious, as he suspected Reeves wasn’t going to be any help. He didn’t even seem to be paying attention.

“Who was she?” Rico asked.

Manny felt like he was going to faint. He’d lost a lot of blood. He felt like if he passed out without telling Rico all he could, however, he’d never wake up.

He forced himself to sit up straight and said, “She looked familiar but it couldn’t have been her. She was nobody.”

“She’s somebody now,” Reeves said.

“She looked like Deena, Deena Christianson.”


“Christianson,” Reeves said, “the accountant.”

“The skimmer?” Rico said.


“I knew we took that too far,” Manny said.

“There’s no such thing as too far when it comes to thieves,” Rico said.

Manny almost pointed out that they were thieves but decided this wasn’t the time.

Rico looked at Reeves, “I thought you killed all of them.”

Reeves shrugged, “We killed all them who were home.”

“But not her?”

Reeves looked at Manny, “I thought you guys found her and took care of her.”

“She looked dead when we left. That’s why I said it couldn’t be her.”

Rico looked like he was going to jump over his desk and strangle Manny but he stopped  and asked, “Who’s we?”

“Me, Tommy, and Stickly.”

“Does she know who did her parents?”

“Her brother was there too.”

“Same difference.”

“We didn’t tell her.”

“So, is it safe to assume she’s just after you three?”

“I guess.”

Rico said to Reeves, “Find Stickly and put him somewhere she can find him and you can watch him.”

“You’re going to use Stickly as bait?” Manny asked.

“Yeah, and after your foot gets sewed up you can be bait with him.”

Manny was about to protest but Rico gave him a harsh look and added, “you need to make me believe you serve a purpose, and right now I can’t think of anything else you're capable of.”



DC saw the glowing yellow eyes in the shadows between the tall pines first. She aimed the massive gun and the eyes darted away.

As she suspected the one in front of her was just a distraction. The real attack came from behind. She didn’t bother to look back at the creature with the impossibly big head and mouth bursting into the clearing. The long snout full of two rows of jagged fangs the consistency of broken glass should have been too heavy for the small wolf-like body to hold up let alone run and jump. 

Despite the laws of physics denying body, it was moving fast as it emerged from the forest. DC still didn’t look back. She wanted the creature to come through the trees.

It tripped the invisible wire and activated the anti-gravity trap. It was leaping when it hit the field created by the trap. Instead of pouncing on her, it rose straight up until it was a dozen feet off the ground.

It roared with anger and DC put four rounds of exploding buckshot into its open mouth blowing a massive hole out of the back of its massive head. The force of the blast sent the creature spinning. It rotated in the anti-gravity field dropping blood and pieces of its brain as it spun.

The next one walked on two legs and had oversized hands with six-inch-long talons jutting from the tips of its fingers.

“Don't you think you're smart,” it said as it stopped short of the tripwire. To her left, another walking wolf did the same thing.

It jumped the invisible wire but she blew it out of the air with a burst of shotgun fire. The shotgun cut it in half and both pieces flew into the tripwire sending the pieces of the wolf spiraling into the sky.

While she was shooting that one another walking wolf jumped over the tripwire behind her. It landed on the land mine she put there earlier. More body parts flew into the anti-gravity field. The severed limbs and mutilated wolf bodies danced in the moonlight.

Another big-headed wolf on four legs stopped at the edge of the clearing. It turned to run away. DC knocked it down with a burst of fire from the Beezlebub Blaster before it could get very far.

“Clever girl,” the last wolf said.

She saw the yellow eyes in the tree and squeezed the trigger. She shredded a group of pines with the last of her ammunition. She was reaching into the invisible box for another magazine when the last of the wolfmen came over the invisible tripwire where the landmine already exploded. It correctly surmised that DC hadn’t doubled up on the land mines.

She could see she wouldn’t get the new magazine inside in time.

She launched herself backward as a bigger version of the ones who walked on two legs pounced. She drew the Gatlin gun on her back as she jumped. The wolf missed her, digging long claws into the picnic table she’d been standing in front of. She landed on her butt as it turned to attack again.

The spinning barrel launched an avalanche of hot lead and the last wolfman fell.

She looked over the sky show of gore she created and admired it for a few seconds before turning off the anti-gravity trap. She wasn’t hauling five heads to the bluesman so she figured a tooth from each one should do the job. Unlike the slashers, these weren’t borderline immortal so the teeth would do the trick.

She yanked a tooth out of the first creature she killed and it opened its yellow eyes.

“What the fuck.” she said as she stepped back.

“You need to use silver,” a voice behind her said.

She turned to see the last wolf, the line of bullet holes across his chest completely healed, standing there.

She swung the gun around but it knocked it aside. An uppercut from the clawed hand pierced her armor and dug into her stomach. It lifted her up by the claws in her abdomen and pulled the machine gun out of her grip.

It tossed the gun aside and then dropped her to the ground. Despite the pain, DC reached for the rail gun on her hip. A slash from a clawed hand cut the gun in half. She was reaching for the invisible box that let her get her weapons from the game when the wolf turned back on the anti-gravity trap lifting her into the air.

While she floated helplessly as the wound in her stomach leaked blood which was lifted into the sky by the device holding her aloft. The wolf walked over. It was nearly eight feet tall so when it looked up there were nearly face to face.

“Your arrogance has cost you,” he told her, “you should have known it takes silver to kill a werewolf.”

She didn’t answer. The wound slowly killing her hurt but the sting of knowing he was right might have been worse.

“You’re going to die, slowly and painfully,” he told her, “Before you do, however, you’re going to tell me who sent you for us.”

“Who do you think? Your deal never specified forever.”

“What do you know about deals?”

“How do you think I got all this cool shit.”

“I still want to know who it was.”

“I could give a fuck about what you want.”

“If you think that’s the worst pain I can inflict you’re in for a most unpleasant surprise.”

DC looked down to see the body parts of the wolves she obliterated move together clawing their way across the forest floor to become one again.



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