Death Chick 666 - Chapter 5 - Sometimes, the Real World Sucks

 Chapter 5

It didn’t take Reeves long to learn all of Deena Christianson’s known associates and extended family.  It was a small group of people but they were spread out. It would have been a lot of leg work except her Aunt Clara filed a missing person’s report.

It looked like her niece was visiting and she didn’t come home one night. The local cops took the report but that was about it. The name wasn’t Deena, but Diana. A quick check showed Aunt Clara didn’t have a niece named Diana.

Reeves showed her his badge when she opened the door. She was younger than he figured, better looking too. 

“What can I do for you officer?”

She said it with an attitude Reeves recognized from his days when his badge was real. She was not a fan of law enforcement.

“It’s about your niece, Deena.”


"Diana, but let's not pretend they aren't the same person."

“Since you don’t have her with you, I take the news is going to be bad. Is she dead?”

That didn't sound like the kind of thing someone who found the girl on her own would say. Reeves was actually hoping she’d come back, even with her fancy weapons she’d need a place to sleep and food to eat.

“You jumped to that conclusion rather quickly,” he told her.

“Is that a yes or a no?”


“Then what? Have you found her?”


“Then come back when you have.”

Reeves watched her shut the door. He liked a woman with a healthy distrust of the police but right now he needed information. He kicked the door in before she could engage the lock.

The door hit her in the face and sent her sprawling to the ground. He stepped inside and shut the door behind him and then drew his gun.

“You’re not a cop, are you?”

He nodded, again he liked that she didn’t waste time telling him about her rights or any of that other shit cops were supposed to care about.

“You work for the people that killed my brother?”

He nodded again.

“You here to kill Deena?”

“I want to talk to her.”


He shrugged, “Where is she?”

“Not here.”

“You should have never filed that police report.”

“I didn’t. That was my boyfriend, he put my name on it and the dumbass cops let him. I knew giving a fake name wouldn’t be enough. Fucking idiot.”

“Probably would have been if she hadn’t come after us.”

“She came after you? Bullshit. She’s not a bad kid but revenge requires making an effort and making an effort isn’t exactly Deena’s style. I’m sure you people fucked over someone else with a teenage daughter. Go bother them.”

“I might do that, but I’m here now. Tell me about her.”

“Well, let's see, she was depressed because someone murdered her family.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Like what? Her favorite food?”

“She have any friends?”

“In the real world?”

“What other world is there?”

“Cyberspace, dumbass.”

“She big into the social media?”

“Not really but she loved to game. Spent hours playing. I mean I like games too but not like her.”

“You look a little old for that stuff.”

“I can’t keep up with the kids but I like to play. Sometimes, the real world sucks.”

“What did she play?”

“Does it matter?”

“It does.”

“Hellscape. It’s an MMORG/ FPS. Takes place in Hell.”

“A what?”

“Massive Multi-player Organized Roleplaying game. FPS is first-person shooter.”

“Like Doom?”

“You’re really old aren’t you?”

“I’ve been around. Can you show me?”

“The game?”


“That’s a weird request.”

“Do it anyway.”

Clara got up and led Reeves to the spare bedroom they made into the game room.

She fired up the PlayStation and set up the Hellscape game.

“You want to play?” she said as she held out the controller.


“You like to watch?”

“My best reference was Doom, you go ahead.”

It didn’t take long for Reeves to recognize the get-up and some of the weapons she was using from the security footage.

“Holy shit,” he said as he realized a video game character killed Tommy.

“Yeah, it’s a cool game. You going to kill me?”

“What if I said yes?”

“I like my niece but I don’t want to die for her.”

“I’m open to suggestions.”

“She still logs on to the game. Not nearly as much as before but she does. They have a message board. I can leave her a message. Something that might get her to come back.”

“I’m guessing you tried that already.”

“I did but I’m guessing you might be better at that kind of thing.”

“You think she might not want you dying for her either?”

“It’s worth a try? Isn’t it?”

Reeves thought about it for a second, said, “Show me this message board.”



DC could feel her phone vibrate in her pocket. About the only thing she set an alert for was messages via Hellscape. She wasn’t even sure why she did that other than before her deal it seemed important.

Right now, however, she wouldn’t bother looking even if she could. She had more important matters to deal with. Such as being snared in her own anti-gravity trap with a possibly fatal stomach wound while a bunch of ravenous dismembered werewolves put themselves back together.

In the game, your collection of loot, weapons, and miraculous health bring devices were always within reach. Thanks to her deal it was the same here in the real world. An invisible box followed her around toting what she collected in the game.

Only some real-world rules applied. She couldn’t reach in by mashing some buttons on a controller. She had to reach in with her hand. She might have been able to pull that off even while floating in the air but the one still standing werewolf hit her foot sending her pinwheeling around. 

Not only could she not get in hand in the box while spinning slowly in the cool night air but the blood from where the wolf sank his claws into her would rise up and hit her in the face with every revolution.

With every turn, she also saw the others coming back together. Some of them were just limbs floating in pools of their own blood but slowly in the puddle of guts figures were starting to rise.

While the Alpha wolf claimed it wanted information she figured the main reason she was alive was the alpha wolf was waiting for the others to reform so they could participate in feasting on her.



Trevor began the evening cowering under a rotting picnic table but as DC mowed down the wolves he found himself starting to enjoy the show. He was thinking there was no way she could lose. He was actually thinking of crawling out from under the table to give her a high five when the big wolf got back up and things went horribly wrong.

The only thing going for him was so far his rather lame and obvious hiding place hadn’t been discovered. He looked over to see the dismembered wolves coming back together and realized whatever he was going to do he had to do it fast.

There seemed to be a path straight in front of him, if he made a break while the big werewolf was still taunting DC he thought he had a good chance to get into the trees. Maybe from there, he could lose them. Then again maybe not, they were werewolves, after all, hunting down things like Trevor by his scent and the light of the moon was what they were built for. Even if he did lose them he’d be in the woods without food or shelter. Trevor was pretty much the opposite of an outdoorsman.

He looked at the sawed-off shotgun in his hands. It was still only one wolf in fighting shape and while he knew the shotgun wouldn’t kill it might take it down and give him a chance to free her. He didn’t know of any weapons in the game that used silver but maybe she could come up with something. 

While he was weighing the options two yellow eyes looked under the table.

“I can smell you.”

“I can smell you too,” Trevor replied, it was the only thing he could think to say.

“I have questions,” it told him, “Do you answers?”

Trevor didn’t actually have any answers but he shook his head yes.

“Then come out and let’s talk.”

“Don’t listen to him, Trevor,” DC said as she continued to spin.

The big wolf grinned showing off all of his impossibly big and jagged teeth, “Come on Trevor, tell me about your friend. Tell me who sent her.”

Trevor shot him in the face.

The big wolf fell back and Trevor scrambled out from under the table. He saw his path into the woods was still clear and he started that way. 

 The wolf was already getting up. The top of his head was gone, Trevor could see the burnt ends of the creature’s pink brain jutting out the hole his shotgun made. It didn’t have eyes anymore but it sniffed the air and Trevor was pretty sure it could find and maul him by sense of smell alone. 

The big wolf confirmed that by taking a step towards him.

“Turn off the anti-gravity trap,” DC shouted at him.

Trevor looked at her and then ran into the woods.

A newly reformed wolf quickly followed.

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