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Season 3 of the Podcast is Finally Here

Damn, it has taken long enough,  but season 3 of the  10th Rule Books old School Radio Serial Podcast  is here. Will it be worth the wait? Hell fucking yes. This season we've added some Flash Fiction to the mix featuring some of our favorite writers, including Beau Johnson, Christopher Davis, Aidan Thorn, Paul Brazil, Bill Baber, Todd Morr and more. For episode 1 we have Beau Johnson's tale of revenge Front Then Center. For the old school radio serial part of the podcast we've got  Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire - Hell Book 2 For those wondering about Hell Book - 1  you can read it to catch up or not, as  B.A,B,E  works just fine as a standalone story. So go get yourself 20 minutes of free pulp fiction that skips the boring parts and tell a friend to do the same.