“Swinging DIcks Saloon might not be the kind of place where everybody knows your name but it is the kind of place where a guy can hang out tell bad jokes with his pals or maybe even meet a hooker who at least has the decency to pretend she has a heart of gold.
Do you want weird shit? They’ve got it, Hell the staff can do some weird shit you wouldn’t believe. Swinging Dicks can be a lot of things but it’s never boring.”

Slim (name redacted) former bartender, Swinging Dicks Saloon

Welcome to Swinging Dick's Saloon.

It's the kind of place that doesn't have to say it's a dive bar because everyone knows just by looking at the place.

It's the kind of place where the owner (Dick though he might tell people to call him, Richard) is often the drunkest guy in the place, though sometimes he drinks in the bar down the street because the barmaids are hotter.

It's the kind of place where the barmaids wear skimpy outfits even when they shouldn't and the bartender never remembers what your drink of choice is but he believes he does.

It's the kind of place where you might be drinking with mysterious and possibly magical bartenders, small-time and big-time criminals, one-armed men who may or may not have psychic powers, competing serial killers, and maybe even an actual demon or two.

Swinging Dicks is the kind of place where one never knows what they're walking into but the beer is cold and it's never boring.

Janet and Felix are back in the explosive follow up to the underground noir classic Jesus Saves, Satan Invests

Janet and Felix may have escaped California with their lives but a man named Wiggins still wants Felix dead and he's willing to go extremes to get it done.

If that means hiring a trio of psychopaths and broken down drug runner to kidnap Felix's sister then that's what Wiggins is going to do.

To complicate matters Janet has managed to inadvertently made an enemy of a murderous meth dealer and his dog.

Felix, however, is more resourceful than he was when he started running and Janet is still as deadly as ever. The odds are against them but backing down isn't an option.

What happens when you die in Hell?

You sure don't go to heaven.

The man now known as the Walking Funeral finds himself in another perhaps even deadlier corner of Hell after taking a bullet to the head. This Hell is filled with cannibals, zombie-like creatures known as Brain Dead Motherfuckers and the usual bloodthirsty killers condemned to the underworld as well as friends and enemies from The Walking Funerals life and afterlife. It also contains an eight-year-old girl who claims to know the way back to the Hell he just left and maybe a way out of the underworld itself.

Sometimes it’s too bad you can’t kill someone twice.

Unless the dead person ends up at the New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation where Dr. Carpenter and his crew will bring back some of the most despicable examples of the recently deceased so for a reasonable fee they can be killed again.
It’s great fun for the entire revenge seeking family.
What could go wrong?
Well, plenty.
The dead don't like to stay dead and they're hungry.

Hell Book 2
“People read Eddie Bunker to get ready to go to prison, they read Bodie Myers to get ready to go to Hell.” 
It’s time to go back to hell and get another dose of hard-rocking, hyper-violent, hard-boiled, action horror.

The Walking Funeral -Hell Book 1

“See you in Hell.”
“I’ll be waiting.”
Turns out they were both right.
Enemies in life continue to be enemies in the afterlife in Hell, a hard-boiled supernatural action horror tale. 
Hell is pulpy action-noir at its best

Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck Ups - Cooke 2

DNA evidence may have saved him from a life in prison for a crime he did not commit, but trouble still finds him and Cooke cant' help but embrace it.
Cooke retrieves a stash of money for lawyer Valerie Murphy. The money belongs to her client, but plenty of people have designs on getting it for themselves. The client's sister thinks she can use the money to pay someone to break her brother out of county jail while plenty of others, including the client's crew of thieves, some Christian Bikers, and a dirty cop want to get the stash for themselves.

Captain Cooker - Cooke 1

“You ever choke a man out with his own shirt?”
“What kind of question is that?” 
“A yes or no one.” 
Cooke is a free man. He has a new name and a new life in a new place. 
Even though DNA evidence exonerated him from a horrific crime plenty of people still believe he is guilty, and to survive behind bars he had to become what they said he was. Taking a job working for the lawyer who helped set him free puts him in the middle of a bunch of trouble. To save the life of a pretty young lawyer and her son he is asked to become what he was falsely convicted of years ago, a brutal remorseless killer.

Double Tap

Nor-Cal has the granola 
So-Cal has the glitz 
Here in Central California, we've got the grit. 
This is the Bakersfield sound of low literature. 

Camp Hendrix

In the post-zombie apocalypse world, rival survival camps try to come to an understanding through a series of letters. Unfortunately, they have had some difficulty refraining from eating each other, and more trouble is on the way.


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