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Trick or Treat at our place this year

Happy Halloween, and we mean it.
Just knock on our door open up that Pillowcase and say trick or treat because this Halloween we've got the good stuff for ya. No fun size nonsense at our house.

What good stuff you may ask?

How about some free Captain Cooker ?

Captain Cooker
Plus we'll throw in the second Cooke Novel Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups for only .99
Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups
You can get yourself Double Tapped for free as well.

Double Tap
But wait "where is the horror?" you may ask? it is Halloween after all. We have got it right here with Camp Hendrix. Get some zombies and cannibals for less than a buck.

Camp Hendrix
You can also check this one out on season 1 of the Old School Radio Serial Podcast which is always free.
Plus, you can go to Hell, twice, on us, for less than a dollar a trip. Both Hell books are also a buck all day.

The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1

Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire - Hell Book 2
Like all things Halloween tomorrow th…

Free Sample Friday - B.A.B.E.

A bit from Bodie Myers latest Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire - Hell Book 2 *** We grabbed the bag out of the back and went to the door. Dex met us at the doorway before we knocked. Before we could say anything, we heard Stringer yelling “Run,” from inside the house, followed by a gunshot. Dex took Stringer’s advice and bounded past us into the yard. Tommy went into the house and I followed. We both heard him say run, but neither of us wanted to leave Stringer behind if he was in trouble. We came in just in time to see an older dude dressed in wife beater t-shirt and black jeans finish a fallen Stringer with a bullet from the biggest handgun I had ever seen to Stringer’s face. We were standing there frozen. The whole scene was just to bizarre for us to comprehend when the man turned and swung the gun our way, “You have my guns in that bag?” Neither of us said anything. For the first time we noticed another man, shorter and stouter than the man who executed Stringer, but otherwise a twin of th…

5 Cool Things - Hybrid Horror Movie Edition

To celebrate our new release Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire - Hell Book 2 (B,A,B.E for short) by Bodie Myers (something of a hybrid himself) we are again talking about, something that is not books. B.A.B.E. like it predecessor The Walking Funeral is a genre jumping novel with elements of the supernatural, some hard boiled noir, a touch of horror and loads of flat out action. Even a bit of humor is mixed in there. Just make things fun B.A.B.E throws in a little Western flavor and some Mad Max road trip fun, all with a feminist touch. So, we are busting out our semi-regular five cool things column looking at some hybrid horror movies. We’ve left out comedies, just because, so sorry Shawn of the Dead and Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. Maybe we will get to you next time.

From Dusk till Dawn - Crime/Horror - Even the Tarantino (wrote it) and Robert Rodriguez (directed it) combo is something of a hybrid, since both are outstanding film makers with their own distinct styles.  In a way not a hybrid a…

This Friday the 13th - Go to Hell

Go to Hell weekend is here, and you are going to want to get in on it. That's right we are going to help you celebrate Friday the 13th by sending you straight to Hell. And you're going to like it.
What does that mean? It means Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire - Hell Book 2 is finally here. The hard rocking Hard boiled hyper violent action horror series has a second book and starting Friday the 13th it can be had on Kindle for a mere .99 cents.
For the legions of you who missed The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1 starting Friday this one will cost you nothing. And by that we mean it will be free on the Kindle (a paltry 6.66 if you want to go with the paperback).
Two bad ass books, less than a dollar. Let's face it, if you are a fan of 10th Rule Books eternal damnation is a real possibility, probably ought to get ready. As the promotional quote says:

“People read Eddie Bunker to get ready to go to prison, they read Bodie Myers to get ready to go to Hell.”

In podcast news season 2 wrapped up. You can listen to the whole thing here or here. Season 3 will be coming soon, featuring Flash Fiction from some of our favorite writers, so keep an ear our for details.  In the meantime you can check out Todd Morr discussing the whole enterprise here.
So get to link clicking, you won't regret it.