This Friday the 13th - Go to Hell

Go to Hell weekend is here, and you are going to want to get in on it. That's right we are going to help you celebrate Friday the 13th by sending you straight to Hell. And you're going to like it.
What does that mean? It means Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire - Hell Book 2 is finally here. The hard rocking Hard boiled hyper violent action horror series has a second book and starting Friday the 13th it can be had on Kindle for a mere .99 cents.
For the legions of you who missed The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1 starting Friday this one will cost you nothing. And by that we mean it will be free on the Kindle (a paltry 6.66 if you want to go with the paperback).
Two bad ass books, less than a dollar. Let's face it, if you are a fan of 10th Rule Books eternal damnation is a real possibility, probably ought to get ready. As the promotional quote says:

“People read Eddie Bunker to get ready to go to prison, they read Bodie Myers to get ready to go to Hell.”


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