We're coming to Stuff Your Stockings


That's right, gifts from us. All you have to do is click on some links on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.
Want some low-down and dirty rock and roll themes Horror and Noir?

Need some Jesus Saves, Satan Invests style Action-Noir?

Just for fun The Lion, the Bitch, and the War on Everyone - Jesus Saves, Satan Invests 3 is only a dollar for a limited time starting on the day after Christmas.

Feel like hitting the bar but are snowed in?

Prefer to go somewhere warm?
You can go to Hell, seriously the weather is great down there this time of year. The toll for that highway is currently under a dollar for the Hellogy which covers the first three books in the Hell saga. That's right three books for .99 on your e-reader.


But what if I want to spend the holidays with Cooke? Drinking beer, Beating up people, and getting in all kinds of trouble while maybe solving a crime?
Well, you're in luck. Captain Cooker is Free as well.

Happy Holidays! And remember to 

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