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The Hellogy is Here

That's right  Go to Hell Today So, other than being awesome for the sake of being awesome what is this about? Well, as many of you know, the Dark Lord Satan ( and that much lesser demon The Dark Lord Stan) spends a lot of time in Albuquerque, he likes the green chile. So do we, so sometimes you can find us there too. As many of you also know we ran Satan's (could have been Stan's) bar tab up a while back and he wasn't happy about it. Satan (or maybe Stan) Of course, we offered our immortal souls but apparently, unlike the money we spent, he already has those (Todd Morr's soul, in fact, was stolen long ago by an evil ventriloquist dummy). The Little Sally Soul Snatcher Doll is not happy about this. So when we ran into him down in New Mexico things got a little tense until the tequila, beer and green chile started flowing. They have good Green Chile too. Things were going quite well until we stuck a certain lord of the under