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Why go to Wal-Mart when you can go to Hell?

 Don't get up early. Don't even leave the house. Stay home, eat leftovers, and take advantage of our Black Friday deals. Why go to Wal-Mart when you can go to Hell? He's like the Wal Mart greeter only cooler and slightly less evil. The Hellogy , which is not one but three books in the Hell series in only .99 cents for an E-Book and a super low 10.99 for a paperback. That's three killer books full of hardboiled action, horror, and noir for less than a dollar. That's .33 cents a book. You can't do better than that.  Less than a Buck! Well, unless it's free. Which, since you might not be familiar with the Hell series we are giving away  The first book, The Walking Funeral  all Saturday long so you can get familiar. Read fast, though, because once the weekend is over so is the Hellogy Black Friday deal. Free taste to get you started Speaking of free both the  Captain Cooker  and  Jesus Saves, Satan Invests 2 - What Would Janet Do  E-books are going to cost absol