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Trick or Treat at our Place this year

Sure we were planning a big party with live bands, costumes, hot wings, and all the booze you can drink but between budgetary concerns (we make no money) and the whole pandemic thing we had to scale back, way back.  Of course, we were going to have beer. Little Susie Soul Snatcher  was going to be there too. We even had a band lined up. Two Bands. So, no bands, no costumes, no hot wings, and no booze. What we do have is books. Free ones. Starting with a wicked novella full of the undead wreaking havoc from Todd Morr called The New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation, and all the post-apocalyptic zombie action and recipes you can handle in Bodie Myers' Camp Hendrix. Plus a few short horror stories perfect for Halloween from both of them called  Friday Night at Hell's Drive-In  for free all day on the 31st. FREE!!! This Halloween That should be enough but because it's Halloween we also have the horror/noir hybrid  The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1  for free this Halloween. If yo