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Happy Mothers Day

What do Mom's love more than pulp fiction that skips the boring parts? Probably a lot of things, but hey that doesn't mean she doesn't want to take a stroll through Hell with The Walking Funeral .  She can do it this weekend for FREE. What if my mom is more a Captain Cooker type of woman? you might ask. We've got her covered too.  Captain Cooker  is free all weekend as well. But wait, you might say. After reading these for free she's going to want to read  Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire  and  Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups  too, Well, you cheap fuck, they're both a dollar all weekend too. But what about paperbacks? You might ask, Mom ain't down with the whole digital thing. Well, our dead trees and dye books are always $6.66. And yes, that includes this  one . Sure this is for mom, but if you want to grab some of this for yourself we won't tell.