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Trick or Treat at our Place this year

 Empty that pillow case, put on a rubber mask, knock on our door, and say trick or treat at our place this year. Or stay on your couch and click some links. Either way, we've got the good stuff waiting for you. Starting with some Jesus Saves, Satan Invests.  Book 2, What Would Janet Do is FREE  this Halloween. FREE You can go ahead and get book three, The Lion, The Bitch, and the War on Everyone  for a dollar. Yep, two books one buck*. A DOLLAR! No, we are not done. Want some Horror and Noir done Rock and Roll style? What we like to call Rock-N-Noirror? Start with book one for  Free this Halloween.   Yep, stories from the low-down dirty side of Rock and Roll from Eric Beetner, Wolfgang Potterhouse, S.W. Lauden, Bodie Myers, and Todd Morr for  Nothing. FREE! But that's not the end of the Rock-N-Noir Halloween mayhem. Book 2,  It's so Easy, is only a dollar . That's right, Horror and Noir tales inspired by Guns 'N Roses from some of the best indie writers around for a