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A Night at Swinging Dick's Saloon

Swinging Dick's Saloon, the kind of dive that has way better beers on tap than a hole in the wall like it should have.

Like this one
It's the kind of place that doesn't have to say it's a dive bar because everyone knows just by looking at the place. Also, any bar that advertises itself as a dive bar is not a dive bar.

This is not Swinging Dicks Saloon

It's the kind of place where the owner (Dick though he tells people to call him, Richard) is often the drunkest guy in the place, though sometimes he drinks in the bar down the street because the barmaids are hotter.
This is not Dick but he is a regular
It's the kind of place where the barmaids wear skimpy outfits even when they shouldn't.

They do wear more than her but not much more

It's the kind of place where the bartender never remembers what your drink of choice is but he believes he does.

Not my drink of choice but still pretty good
They have live bands on the weekends and occasionally they're ev…