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Yep, You're still wrong - These are the best books of 2017

It’s that time when reputable people put out their best of the year lists, so since we are one of those two things here are best five books we read last year which were also released last year. Since we are a small independent publisher cranking out pulp fiction that skips the boring parts we have selected our five from other independents, so no matter how good the last Jack Reacher novel may have been it won’t make the list*. Also while we like to think our stuff is totally bad ass we did not select any of our own books or authors because that just seems like a dick move*. Everglade (Selena Book 5) - Greg Barth - We’ve mentioned the Selena series here before and will probably mention it again. Maybe the most bad ass female character in pulp fiction. Ever. In fact, if we were giving out awards for that (we’re not) she would win. With the first four books of this series being uniformly awesome this could have been a letdown but it kicks just as much ass as its predecess