Yep, You're still wrong - These are the best books of 2017

It’s that time when reputable people put out their best of the year lists, so since we are one of those two
things here are best five books we read last year which were also released last year. Since we are a small
independent publisher cranking out pulp fiction that skips the boring parts we have selected our five from
other independents, so no matter how good the last Jack Reacher novel may have been it won’t make
the list*. Also while we like to think our stuff is totally bad ass we did not select any of our own books
or authors because that just seems like a dick move*.
Everglade (Selena Book 5) - Greg Barth - We’ve mentioned the Selena series here before and will
probably mention it again. Maybe the most bad ass female character in pulp fiction. Ever. In fact, if we
were giving out awards for that (we’re not) she would win. With the first four books of this series being
uniformly awesome this could have been a letdown but it kicks just as much ass as its predecessors.
Fatboy - Paul Heatly - Classic noir as a seemingly decent guy does all the wrong things for all the right
reasons.  If you dig the Jim Thompson vibe this one has it down. Bartender Joey Hidalgo is down on his luck and despite some serious character flaws you want him to succeed in getting his girl and son back. All he needs is some money and he has a plan. Of course, this is noir, so ...
With the Right Enemies - Rob Pierce - A kind of sequel to ‘Uncle Dust’. Dust himself only makes a
cameo, as the book stays in Oakland and deals with the aftermath of Dust’s actions. If you haven’t read
Uncle Dust you could still enjoy this one, but you’re only punishing yourself because Uncle Dust would
have made last years list if we made a list last year. Most of the focus in on a young thug named Volmer
who is in on the hunt for Dust. This one goes dark quick and only gets more brutal as it goes along.
Warlock #1 Autofire Blitz - Mark Allen - This one was advertised as over the top 80’s style action and
it delivered. Think Arnold in ‘ Commando’, Stallone in Rambo, Chuck Norris in Missing in Action, or even thin Steven Seagal* back in his three word title days. If we gave an award for highest body count
Damien ‘Warlock’ Locke would probably win (we’re not) as this one is non-stop action from bloody start to bloody finish. Is it a bit over the top and ridiculous? Yes, but in all the best ways.
Tijuana Donkey Showdown - Adam Howe - Okay, actually published in December of 2016, which is damn near 2017 but we didn’t read it until 2017*.  The funniest book on the list by far. This sequel to the story Damn DIrty Apes from the excellent Die Dog or eat the Hatchet finds former boxer, current bouncer Reggie Levin getting mixed up in another profane and ridiculous adventure.
There you go our top five in no particular order. The prize is if any of the winners can find Todd Morr*
he will buy them a beer*, a real beer not a fucking Bud Light*.
Anyway, go buy these books and if you like them check out some of ours like this one or this one,
or maybe this one , and this one, while we're at it how about this one? All of them are only three bucks on Kindle and $6.66 in paperback.

*It wouldn’t have anyway.
*We are not above dick moves.
* What? A list of action stars without our favorite Jason Statham? Oh, wait we just mentioned him
so drink motherfucker.
* We’re rebels who make our own rules, and then break them.
* He lives in Marina, CA
* Seriously, I know this because I am Todd Morr. As Bo knows referring to yourself in first person
is awesome.
* Unless you like Bud Light


  1. Todd--It looks like we have the similar tolerance for hardboiled-gone-weird. Any chance we could swap books/reviews? (check my site for creds)


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