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Five underrated Bad-Ass Bad Dads

Sure, all these guys had issues but that doesn't mean when it comes to parenting they don't have some good points. So, to celebrate Fathers Day and our  free Father's Day Bad-Ass Book giveaway a look at some of our favorite Bad-Ass Bad Dads, including some inspirational parenting quotes from each of them. I'm sure some of you will look at this list and say, no these guys are all just awful but, as usual, you're wrong. Walter White - Breaking Bad "I am the one who Knocks." Con -  Murder happy drug dealer. Meth, even if it is blue, is awful for human beings. Pro - He was really good at this job (murdering Meth cook) and made it to the top of his profession. Getting to the top of any profession is difficult making him an excellent role model. Sure his claims of selflessness were bullshit ("I did it for me") but he did leave them a shit ton of money and that one time he bought Flynn (Walt Junior) a totally bitching muscle car. As cool as your

A message from the Dark Lord Satan ( or the Dark Lord Stan we're not sure)

I Want You - to buy me a beer Yes Brothers and Sisters, what you've heard is true. The Dark Lord Satan (to be fair it could have been the Dark Lord Stan, either way, it's only one letter different) came to me. It was sort of like when the other guy (God or some shit like that) came to televangelist Jessie Duplantis and told him he needed his followers to give him money so he could get a private jet or when God told Oral Roberts* he needed to come up with 8 million dollars* or God would kill him. "I'll be Back." Satan (or Stan) isn't near as demanding. He just wants us to cover the bar tab we ran up while drinking with him a couple of weeks ago* or he is going to send us 'home'*.  He was also clear we shouldn't go begging like junkies or selling some bullshit holy water for it. If we even brought up some nonsense like 'prosperity gospel' he would kick our ass.* So, to satisfy the dark lord's demands we have to sell book