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This is the best New Year's Resolution

WWJD? He'd read some Bad-Ass Books. Face it, most new years resolutions suck. You aren't going to lose weight. There's a reason you drink too much. If last year didn't rock the arbitrary date declaring it a new year won't change anything. There is something you can do, however (besides resolving never to make resolutions) and it's simple, cheap and fun. Read more books. If you need to get more specific, read more fiction. If you want to get even more specific read indie fiction. Yep, that last part is self-serving. We sell indie fiction and yeah, we want you to buy some. To get you started we're practically giving away some cool books and also literally giving away a few others. Need some action-packed horror?  The New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation  is free all day New Year's day. FREE Prefer some hardboiled noir while nursing that hangover. We've got  Captain Cooker  as a countdown deal until mid-morning and the second