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Six Underrated Bad-Ass Dads

Once again disappointed his dad didn't Make the list. Parenting is hard. Mistakes are going to be made but you have to take the good with the bad. We give you six Underrated Bad-Ass Dads for fathers day. Sure, you might think they are all terrible, but as usual, you’re wrong. Thanos - The Avengers “I am inevitable.” Cons - Wants to kill half the living things in the universe. Willing to murder his favorite daughter. Pros - He’s goal-oriented, resilient, and focused and he passed these traits to his kids (okay their goal is to stop him and kill him but still). Sure his unconventional parenting may have not been the best way to go about it (one kid is half cyborg and they both want to kill him) but there is no question he didn’t raise a couple of totally badass daughters. Sure your dad didn’t kill you or make you fight your sister and then take body parts from the loser, but can he kick the Hulks ass? No, he can’t. Walter White - Breaking B