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It's so Easy

We had so much fun the first time we're doing it again. That's right more Rock-N-Noirror.  What is Rock-N-Noirror? It's noir and or horror stories from the low down and sleazy side of rock and roll. You can find out all about it  here . (if you'd like to submit I highly recommend checking it out, plus you'll enjoy it). This time we decided to do one of those 'stories inspired by _______ all the cool indie publishers are doing. It should be easy.  So, we're looking for stories inspired by the most excellent band Guns and Roses, and/or the late 80's early 90's scene they spawned*.  *That's right, LA. Guns stories are in play. The rules as to what that entrails are pretty loose. For legal reasons keep it inspired not plagiarized, meaning no lyric quotes.  Stories need to be between 1k and 10k words. Genre is crime, horror, or sci-fi and any sub-genre of those three. Violence, sex, and bad words are not only acceptable but encouraged (do try to bring