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More Free Sample Saturday? Damn right.

A little taste of  The New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation Chandler was looking at the wall when he heard something hit the floor. He assumed the sounds of a struggle were just Eddie going to town with the blade.  He wanted Eddie to kill Bobby on the table, it would make clean up a lot easier. The footsteps he heard next didn’t sound like Eddie’s work shoes. He turned to see a blood-covered Bandsaw Bobby standing over Eddie's body. The knife Eddie was supposed to use on Bobby was in the dead serial killer's fist. “Holy shit,” Chandler said as he started running for the door. Bandsaw Bobby was fast for a dead man. He caught Chandler just before he reached the door by the collar of Chandler’s lab coat. Bandsaw pulled Dr. Chandler within stabbing range and then brought the knife down on the top of Chandler’s head, driving the blade through his skull and into his brain. Bandsaw spun Chandler around with the knife stuck in the top of the doctor’s head so he could lo

Free Sample Saturday is back, bitches

We've got a bit of  Todd Morr's  latest horror novella  The New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation  for you on the return of Free Sample Saturday. Enjoy. Chapter 1 - Ashley and Bandsaw Bobby “Remember what we talked about honey, don’t look into his eyes.  The eyes will fool you and make you think he’s a human being like you and me, but he’s not. Aim for his chest and then squeeze the trigger, just like we did at the range.” Ashley nodded and help out her hand. Her father passed her the unloaded Glock 17 and then a magazine full of nine-millimeter cartridges. “You know, you don’t have to do this,” James said to his teenage daughter.    Denise gave James a harsh look, she didn’t come all the way out here to see the little brat back down. James gave her a wink and a reassuring nod. Ashley acted like she didn’t notice the exchange between her father and his former secretary. She tried,  as always, to pretend Denise, who was closer to Ashley’s age than s