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5 cools things - No Guys Allowed Edition

With the podcast doing a serialized version of Bodie Myer’s Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire and International Women's day we’re taking a look at five of our favorite bad ass women in fiction in our sporadic 5 cool things column. Selena - Yeah we’ve brought her up before*, and will continue to do so. Selena is the crazy ex-girlfriend we know we need to avoid but can’t help going back to. Greg Barth’s Selena series moves fast, hits hard, and is impossible to put down. Through five books the former stripper battled her way through the underworld  kicking ass and taking names like no other all because she stole the wrong CD while turning a trick. Loyal to her friends, ruthless to her enemies, and prone to really bad decisions she’s about as flawed protagonist as there is, but it is impossible not to have her back as she battles the mob, corrupt cops, various evil backwoods rednecks, outlaw bikers, and her own bad habits. Lara Croft - Are video games fiction? Well, they sure