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Noirror? What the Hell is Noirror

Here's the cover, get your name on it Yeah, what the Hell is Noirror. Well, it's a word we made up. Ever see those crime fiction anthologies dedicated to stories inspired by a band? This one is kind of like that only since we call ourselves 'Pulp Fiction that skips the boring parts' and pulp fiction includes horror and crime so we thought ours should not be strictly crime (Rock -n- Noir) or Horror (Rock -n- Horror) thus, Rock -N- Noiirror. So here's what we are looking for: Short stories in the horror and crime genres that somehow involve rock, blues or heavy metal music. Not so much famous musician stuff but down and dirty bar band stuff (bonus points if you set it in Swinging Dick's Saloon ). We want dive bar gigs instead of Stadium tours. Stories about the kind of places people do meth in the parking lot (Because it's not rock and roll if no one's doing crank in the parking lot). Places like this only not near as nice We w