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Free Sex, drugs, and Alcohol?

No, sorry. Sure sex, drugs, and alcohol are great, and I mean really great, but you know who survives Friday the 13th? The kid who reads. Yep, the dude or dudette with their nose in a book never takes a machete to the dome. Because we like you and we can't provide sex, drugs, or alcohol we are giving away some e-books this Friday the 13th and the actual debut of Jason Saturday the 14th (watch the first movie). That's right we are saving your life from some demented invincible psychopath armed with a sharp object (yeah we'd probably pick the sex, drugs, and alcohol too but this is what we've got). So this Friday head on out to everyone's favorite fictional dive bar  Swinging Dick's Saloon  where they're always serving up tall frosty mugs of ice-cold Horror and noir and get in for free. FREE DICKS! We're also going to acknowledge that is Noirvember and throw in some free old school noir with  Captain Cooker . If you dig that one we've got the second Co