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It's time to head on out to Swinging Dick's Saloon

“Swinging DIcks Saloon might not be the kind of place where everybody knows your name but it is the kind of place where a guy can hang out tell bad jokes with his pals or maybe even meet a hooker who at least has the decency to pretend she has a heart of gold. Do you want weird shit? They’ve got it, Hell the staff can do some weird shit you wouldn’t believe. Swinging Dicks can be a lot of things but it’s never boring.” Slim (name redacted) former bartender, Swinging Dicks Saloon Unfortunately, you probably can't get a drink poured by Slim at Swinging Dick's Saloon. A place where the music's loud, the beer is cold and the stories are killer. Mostly because it's fictional. Doesn't mean you can't hang out and take in a story. Put on some music pour yourself a drink and open up A Night at Swinging Dick's Saloon . You want some hardboiled noir while knocking down beers? You got it. Maybe some horror stories? Got that too. You wan