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Four bucks?

The Lion, The Bitch, and The War on Everyone  is damn near here. It's so close you can pre-order right now and come October 14thit will show up in your mailbox or E-Reader.  Sounds pretty awesome, right? It gets better. Pre-order and you can get this novella electronically for a mere ninety-nine cents. It's going to go up once it's live so go ahead pre-order and save some money. As great as that is if you're a dead trees and dye type of person the paperback is currently four dollars. Yes, you read that right, a physical copy for just four bucks. We're practically giving them away right now (literally).  Don't wait on this one because the price is going up in the next couple of days. In fact the longer you wait, the more it will be (it will never not be a good deal but the quicker you are the better the deal). Click that link and start Pre-ordering. You can hardly afford not to. The Lion, the Bitch, and the War on Everyone