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Booze Break Both fans of the podcast may have noticed there is no new episode this week. Good news is we are going to bring out new episodes, but we will be on hiatus the next couple of weeks as we spend time drinking . . .I mean preparing for the next set of episodes. Even more good news is this is not one of those pop culture current events type podcasts which age faster than milk left in the sun, no reason for those of you (and there are a lot of you) unfamiliar with the show not to g o back and listen to the entire Camp Hendrix saga while you are waiting. Even more good news, we are still going to do some flash fiction episodes. If you have some a thousand words or less falling under the broad category of pulp fiction, send it our way (it can be something previously published). We’ll read it the way only we can on the podcast (give it a listen to see what we mean, though we plan to be even better) and throw in a plug for whatever projects you have going. Basically in exchange fo
Hey kids, need a last minute Father’s Day Gift? We are here for ya. Dad’s love the mob, Las Vegas, and Fishing. All of which are there for him in the first half of Double Tap - Two Shots of Central California Noir - Set-Up by Chris Davis. You know what else Dad’s love? The 80’s, because many of them were alive then, and young. Unlike now when they are only kind of alive, and old. They are nostalgic for the old days and the second half of Double Tap goes back to the 80’s. Dad’s can spend time reminiscing about the porn, crystal meth and the awesome Defender video game from his younger days while reading Fiero by Todd Morr. This will not anger Mom near as much as actually getting him porn, meth and video games, trust me on this (I have great kids). Even better it’s only .99 cents on E-Book, and only 6.99 for a paperback. Leaving plenty of money to buy yourself something (not meth). Like maybe The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1 by Bodies Myers, also only a buck for e-book
Put the needle to Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil and get a taste of the eighties with a bit of Todd Morr's Fiero on this Free Sample Friday. Chapter 6 - Grey – Salinas    "So this Chollo is saying 'no hablo', while he shows me his right hand and I know something is up."    "Like maybe he is telling the truth, no shortage of guys around here that don't speak English," the girl in the halter top told Grey as he bagged up her twelve pack of Shaffer and carton of Kools. She did not quite have the body anymore for the top she was wearing, but Grey was at the age where he could not be so picky. Actually, he was happy for anyone, no matter what the gender or body shape, who would listen to his stories from his days riding a black and white and keeping order over on the East side.    "Probably couldn't, but I was speaking the international language."    "International language? Like love?"    "No, the other inte
This week on Free Sample Friday we give you a taste of the 'Bakersfield Sound of Low Life Lit' with a bit from the Christopher Davis half of Double Tap. Setup “Fuck Jonesy,” Marzano said, from the passenger seat of a late model Mercedes. Just the other side of the glass, it was dark, black hole dark. There was no light other than what little the instrument panel offered. “I don’t like the idea of Gianola sending us up here in the first place." “Don’t worry Marty,” the driver said, smiling. “Danny G sent us up here to keep an eye on things for him, it’s easy money, Marty.” Martin Marzano had a Colt 1911 in his hand looking the piece over somewhat. The passenger slid the weapon back into a nylon holster under his arm. “Yeah,” he said. “I guess that you’re right, Jonesy. Maybe the boss has decided to give the two of us a promotion, huh?” Silvio Valentini—known to all as, Jonesy—laughed. “That’s it, Marty,” he said. “A promotion is what
Episode 5 of the 10th Rule Books Old School Radio Podcast is live.  The reverend Claude Smitty is up to no good over in Camp Halen and it seems the undead are evolving. get it here or here or even here
Free Sample Friday with a bit of the upcoming sequel to Captain Cooker - Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups. Chapter 1 - Monday “I don’t want to die listening to this song,” Cooke thought as the kid pulled up his shirt to reveal a shiny silver automatic stuffed in his pants. Cooke had a feeling the music was intentional, the kid’s vision of the perfect soundtrack for pulling a trigger. “You stealing the man’s beer?” the other half of the pair asked over the noise coming from the tricked out little foreign car the pair had pulled into the yard. “Yeah,” Cooke lifted the back pack in his other hand, “I’m taking his steaks too.” “What about the money?” The unarmed man continued as he lifted his wrap around shades up to a resting place on his thick beanie style cap. “There was money?” “You’re not here for the money?” “No,” Cooke lied. He already had the money stuffed in the trunk of his car. It was why he came to this faded stucco shack with bars on the windows and an alarm system