Hey kids, need a last minute Father’s Day Gift? We are here for ya.

Dad’s love the mob, Las Vegas, and Fishing. All of which are there for him in the first half of Double Tap - Two Shots of Central California Noir - Set-Up by Chris Davis.

You know what else Dad’s love? The 80’s, because many of them were alive then, and young. Unlike now when they are only kind of alive, and old. They are nostalgic for the old days and the second half of Double Tap goes back to the 80’s. Dad’s can spend time reminiscing about the porn, crystal meth and the awesome Defender video game from his younger days while reading Fiero by Todd Morr. This will not anger Mom near as much as actually getting him porn, meth and video games, trust me on this (I have great kids).

Even better it’s only .99 cents on E-Book, and only 6.99 for a paperback. Leaving plenty of money to buy yourself something (not meth). Like maybe The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1 by Bodies Myers, also only a buck for e-book or 6.66 for paperback (what else would a book called Hell cost?) and still leave you some money for something cool (again not meth). Maybe Captain Cooker?


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