Bedtime Stories read by a Psychopath are back, baby.

It's podcast time. That's right 20 minutes of pulp fiction that skips the boring parts is back for your listening pleasure.

It's been a long time between seasons 3 and 4 but the wait is over. In fact, quit reading and go get the First episode. It's available on I-Tunes and Google Play too.
Look for great flash fiction from the likes of Tom Pitts, Beau Johnson, Bill Baber, Todd Morr and more plus a serialized version of Todd Morr's New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation (there is a reason we call it an Old School Radio Serial Podcast).

We're going to sneak in a mention of the #IndieCrimeCrawl starting July 15th and going all week. We will be participating by offering great deals all week, some of which will only be mentioned on the podcast. That's right tune in for a special podcast deal announcement. Episode 2 should be dropping Tuesday so you know what to do.
If you are wondering what new stuff we are going to debut for the crime crawl here's a little hint:

Pretty vague, huh.
(yeah, we used the same drawing for two things)

Here's another not so vague one: Janet and Felix.


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