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I Am the Boss of Number 2
To celebrate the release of the long awaited follow up to Captain Cooker the second Cooke novel (don''t call them books) - Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups - we bring you a list some of our favorite pulp fiction that skips the boring parts, focusing on the 2nd in a series. Not so much sequels but second entries in an ongoing series.* Yeah, we probably missed your favorite, but you already know that one. Best vintage noir classic book - The Outfit - Richard Stark. Why?  It is a Parker novel, don’t judge the character Parker on the shitty Jason Statham flick**.  Parker is the man and he is at his bad ass best as he takes on the mob. It is classic Parker, he has a great plan, things go to hell, but he uses his brains and his brawn to end up on top. Best recent noir book with a female protagonist - Diesel Therapy - Greg Barth. Why?  It is a Selena novel. Don’t judge Selena on the movie bearing her name either (Like the previously mentioned Parker als…
Free Sample Friday is back. Get a taste of the new Cooke novel Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck Up's.

He caught his reflection in the driver’s side window. In the hazy, yellow, light the blood on his shirt looked black. He looked like a battlefield surgeon, or a patient. The gash in his upper right side, which had begun throbbing as if the two sides of the knife width gap were trying to pull themselves together, made him feel like the latter. Cooke curled the handcuff hanging from his right wrist into his palm and focused on filling the tank.
The girl with half a face sitting in the front seat continued to text him as he pumped gas with his one fully operational arm. He ignored the device vibrating in his pocket.
He had chosen the farthest pump, used his credit card so he did not have to go near the brightly lit convenience store. His appearance alone would have someone making a call to the cops. Inside the car was worse. Three dead bodies, two in the trunk and one in the backs…
The new Cooke novel is finally here. Nothing more needs to be said.
Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups