Trick or Treat at our place this year

Happy Halloween, and we mean it.
Just knock on our door open up that Pillowcase and say trick or treat because this Halloween we've got the good stuff for ya. No fun size nonsense at our house.

What good stuff you may ask?

How about some free Captain Cooker ?

Plus we'll throw in the second Cooke Novel Best Laid Plans of Idiots and Fuck-Ups for only .99

You can get yourself Double Tapped for free as well.

But wait "where is the horror?" you may ask? it is Halloween after all. We have got it right here with Camp Hendrix. Get some zombies and cannibals for less than a buck.

You can also check this one out on season 1 of the Old School Radio Serial Podcast which is always free.

Plus, you can go to Hell, twice, on us, for less than a dollar a trip. Both Hell books are also a buck all day.

Like all things Halloween tomorrow this is over so get on it while you can. (though you can still get all books for like three bucks a piece so it's not that over).
As Jessie Pinkman would say,
Yo, Happy Halloween, bitches.


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