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Death Chick 666 - Chapter 3 - I Thought You'd be More Cryptic than Creepy

“This is the end of the line, Trevor.” “Seriously? Here?” Trevor said as he spread his arms and spun around in the parking lot of the Marathon gas station. “What’s wrong with here?” “Other than it’s the type of place where the weird gas station attendant tells you not to go camping by the lake because the last people that did that disappeared never to be found again?” “You really think so?” “You don’t?” DC smiled, “Of course I do. I didn’t think you were that perceptive. In fact, I’m going to go inside and get warned off.” “Are you serious?” “Yeah, why else would I be here? It’s not like this thing runs on gas.” Trevor took a second to think about what it did run on and then asked, “Are you going to kill somebody?” “Yeah, but not right now. It’s why you should stay here and see if you could hitch a ride or something.” “Stay here?” “Yeah, think about it. You need to get somewhere the Ledoux’s don’t have people.” “I’ll give you that but why can’t I stay with you a bit longer? I’m not th