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Death Chick 666 - Chapter 5 - Sometimes, the Real World Sucks

  Chapter 5 It didn’t take Reeves long to learn all of Deena Christianson’s known associates and extended family.  It was a small group of people but they were spread out. It would have been a lot of leg work except her Aunt Clara filed a missing person’s report. It looked like her niece was visiting and she didn’t come home one night. The local cops took the report but that was about it. The name wasn’t Deena, but Diana. A quick check showed Aunt Clara didn’t have a niece named Diana. Reeves showed her his badge when she opened the door. She was younger than he figured, better looking too.  “What can I do for you officer?” She said it with an attitude Reeves recognized from his days when his badge was real. She was not a fan of law enforcement. “It’s about your niece, Deena.” "Who?" "Diana, but let's not pretend they aren't the same person." “Since you don’t have her with you, I take the news is going to be bad. Is she dead?” That didn't sound like the