Free Sample Friday is sending you to Hell

Free sample Friday is back with a taste of hard rocking hard boiled hyper violent action horror with a touch of western thrown in that is Bodies Myers second entry in the Hell Series Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire coming next week.

The cook did his best to get the meat on the plate not to look like a rodent. He did not do much for the taste. I guess Dex had never gotten to Denny’s Damnation Diner ( or as it was known to most, just Denny’s), because Denny could make a rat seem like fine dining. It was, however still edible, and the whiskey helped. Even sub par rodent was better than eating snake or a person, which were the only other choices most of the time.
“Tell me about the Mitchell brothers,” I said to them between bites. When my plate was clean I planned on leaving, whether I was going to visit the brothers or just continue going where the road would take me depended on what they told me.
Before they could answer there was a scream coming from upstairs. A half naked woman appeared at the top of the staircase, her face a bloody mess. The piano player stopped again. Everyone looked up.
“He’s killing her,” she said.
“Yeah, he does that sometimes,” one of the card players said before going back to look at his cards.
Half the place laughed before going back to playing cards and eating. The piano player started in again, opting to abandon the G&R. This time I recognized the tune, something my dad used to play in the car. I was never into the old stuff but I’m pretty sure he was pumping out Space Trucking by Deep Purple. I was surprised how well the tune worked on an old time sounding piano.
The cowboy looked at Miss Addy, said, “Take care of this please.”
“Sorry. She is new,” Miss Addy said before coming up the stairs and dragging the half naked woman down and into what I figured was the kitchen. It appeared she had messed up. Apparently the issue was not someone being murdered upstairs but this woman interrupting dinner and drinks to tell everyone about it.
The cowboy turned back to his meal, sipping some more whiskey before digging into his plate of grilled rodent.
“What about the girl being killed?” I asked.
“What about her?”
“You’re not going to do something?”
“Round here ma’am, a man pays, he gets to play.”
I ejected two shot gun shells and put them on the table as I stood up, “Consider this payment. I like to play too.”
I jacked a shell into the chamber and I drew the machete on my hip as I bound up the stairs. The girl had not been killed yet, I could still hear her screaming. I kicked in the door and stepped inside.
Four hundred pounds of flabby naked flesh took up most of the room. He was hairy everywhere except the top of his head. He turned to face me and as he did I got a view of the screaming girl.
She was hanging upside down with her ankles bound. Her naked petite body was covered with wounds. It took a second to see the wounds were actually nails pounded into her midsection. The steel shanks had been carefully placed in non fatal areas, or at least places where it might take a while to kill her.
She was spinning slowly from the hook on the ceiling. It was not clear at first with her slowly turning, but he was spelling something with the nails. He had gotten a B, an I, and T. I figured it was obvious what he was spelling. Misogynist are rarely subtle.
The obese man was holding a hammer in one hand and his dick in the other. The way he was working it I had the feeling I was killing his boner.
“Unless you want to join her best get your skinny ass out of my room,” he told me.
I raised the shotgun and shot him in the face. I did not see any reason to waste time bargaining with this asshole. Guys who dig this kind of thing are just rabid dogs as far as I was concerned. Some mutt comes at me foaming at the mouth I see no reason to negotiate before I put him down.
The whole place shook when the headless fat man hit the floor.
“Thank you,” the girl said as I went to cut her down.
She sat on the bed and immediately started pulling out the nails. It looked painful and every wound bled, but she wanted them out. I could understand how she felt. I was getting ready to help her when the cowboy and Dex came up into the room. I did not want to have my back turned to these two, so she would have to do it by herself. I pumped another shell in the chamber and turned to face them.
“What did you just do?” Dex asked as he pointed at the headless mass of flesh bleeding on the floor.

“I played.”
Enjoy that one but can't wait until next week for more? Get The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1 right here.


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