Friday the 13th? We're Here for Ya.

You know who never takes a machete to the dome on Friday the 13th?

The kid reading a book that's who.

Guess who's here for ya on Friday the 13th?

That's right we are.

Load up the car for a Double Feature

You can not only keep yourself safe from hockey mask-wearing maniacs (and or their moms) but do it even if you're on a tight budget. In the spirit of everybody's favorite swimming challenged slasher we have our brand spanking new horror collection Friday Night at Hell's Drive-In for a mere .99 cents. For less than a dollar, you can get Bodie Myer's Camp Hendrix and Todd Morr's The New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation in one place. Not just that but three spine-tingling flash fiction pieces (two of which are appearing in print for the first time). Yep, all that for less than a dollar.
You can enjoy five tales of bloody horror while keeping yourself safe from crazed killers for less than a dollar. You can't afford not to do it.

If E-books aren't your thing you can get the paperback for all of $6.66  (Because what else would a book called Friday Night at Hell's Drive-In cost?)

Some of you (not as many as we would like) may have read Camp Hendrix and The New Mexico Institute of Re-Animation. Or perhaps you heard them on the 10th Rule Books Old School Radio Serial Podcast?

 While you could still enjoy them collected in one volume (along with three new short stories) we understand how you might want to stay safe while spending almost no money so we also have The Hellogy for less than a buck.

Friday the 13th is a great day to go to Hell

That's right the first three books in the Hell saga collected in one volume. Do the math that's .33 cents a book.

If you really want to be safe pick them both up for less than two bucks.

Will you be safer wearing a 10th Rule Book's t-shirt? Yes, most definitely. You can free shipping on everything in the store with the promo code HELL.

If you want to stay safe but Horror stories aren't your thing we have crime fiction for you too. we suggest: W.W.J.D. Jesus Saves, Satan Invests Book 2 or Captain Cooker or Double Tap.

Or get them all.

Those who want a little bit of everything to keep them safe can always go hang out at Swinging Dick's Saloon.

It's always Happy Hour at Swinging Dicks


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