You're still wrong - These are the best 5 books from 2018

It's that time again. Time for the best five books of 2018. Well, the best five indie pulp fiction books, Okay, maybe not the best, but the best we read. We've included links so you can find out for yourself just how right we are.

Both the Dark Lord Satan and Dark Lord Stan agree.

In no particular order our favorite books from 2018:

Know Me From Smoke - Matt Phillips - Fahrenheit 13

This one is old school noir done right.  The dialog cuts and so do the knives. Convicted killer Royal Atkins finds himself back on the streets and in a relationship with Stella Radney, a singer* whose husband was a victim of Royal's. What could go wrong? Well, a lot, a whole hell of a lot.
Find some trouble here

Scapegoat - Adam Howe and James Newman - Honey Badger Press

A non-stop bit of wrong place and wrong time backwoods horror filled with dark humor, religious fanatics, violence, gore, bizarre rituals, and 80's metal. Three old friends and former bandmates from their hair metal days* along with a girl who isn't exactly what she seems, stumble into some wicked business after taking a wrong turn on the way to WrestleMania and all hell breaks loose (literally). Howe and Newman have crafted themselves one of the most brutal books a person can laugh at with this one.
Click here if you dare

Slug Bait - Tom Liens - Dirty Books 

Straight forward and brutal crime fiction that puts you in a headlock and starts punching. Watching Rey, kind of a private eye but mostly just a bad-ass, pound his way through a collection of thugs, corrupt cops, and serial killers is damn good fun.
Find it here

Last Years Man - Paul  D, Brazil - All Due Respect

When aging hitman Bennet runs into trouble in London he heads back to his hometown where everything goes great. Actually no, he runs into more trouble, a lot of it. Another hard hitting quick read filled with sharp dialog and a dash of dark humor (do you see a theme here?).
Get it here.

Deadlines - A tribute to Willian E. Wallace - All Due Respect and Down and Out Books 

Normally for these lists, we leave out our own books and writers, we made a little bit of an exception here. Todd Morr is in this one but he only accounts for like four percent, which for the purpose of this we'll pretend doesn't exist. Bill Wallace was a great writer and though we didn't know him as well as we would have liked he was a great dude as well. He was a huge supporter of the Indie crime scene so it makes sense the indie crime scene would step up for him. Chris Rhatigan and Ron Earl Phillips edited this collection of twenty-three top crime fiction writers and Todd Morr. Some took inspiration from Bill's newspaper career and others just wrote the kind of dark pulp stories Bill tirelessly championed. Some stories are better than others but over 23 stories*  every one manages to kick some serious ass, just like Bill would have wanted.
You know what to do

As always if the winners can find Todd Morr* he will buy them a beer or maybe even two*.

If you like our picks there's a good chance you'll like our books. You can find them all here

Shotgun-toting Jesus approves of this list.

* A singer who can afford an apartment in San Diego without a day job.
*A bad hair metal band in high school? This sounds like it was taken from my life.
*Okay so it's 24 if we don't pretend one doesn't exist, but we are.
* Try Colorado after February, probably in a dive bar with a blues jam.
* You will probably have to listen to him play guitar to get the second one.


  1. Thanks for including Slug Bait! Really happy you enjoyed it!


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