It's time to go back to Hell

Does more "Awesome read. Bad cop v bad guy continue their fight in hell. Fun vision of hell as a thorny battleground filled with weapons and smack talk. Reads fast and like you are watching an action movie --but no special effects could live up to story playing in your head." sound good to you?

or perhaps some "... would make an awesome graphic novel. A one-eyed guy with a knife sticking out of his back, battling his way through a hierarchy of bad guys in Hell, tells the story of his death and its aftermath. Big fun if you're so inclined, but if you prefer cozies, shoot some meth first." sounds like a good time?

Well, you're in luck. Bodie Myers has unleashed yet another round with The Walking Funeral. The Devil You Know - Hell Book 3 has risen up from the depths and now walks the earth. The hardcore, hyper-violent, action, horror, splatterpunk, noir series is back bitches, and it's back with a vengeance.

We're going to celebrate by drinking with the Dark Lord Satan (It might be the Dark Lord Stan, but either way) while we watch our March Madness brackets get busted (both Satan and Stan are horrible at picking games). If you can't join us then You should go get a copy of The Devil You Know. It will give you something to read after all your upsets don't pan out and all the favorites you picked shit the bed.

Always picks Duke.

But wait, you say, I haven't read the first two...
Sorry, that excuse is kind of lame since both of them are going to be free all weekend. That's right go get The Walking Funeral - Hell Book 1 for exactly zero dollars on the Kindle. Then go download Bad Ass Bitch Extraordinaire for the same damn price.* 

What the Hell are you waiting for? Go get them all.

Hey, already have them? We've got other books you might want to check out right here

*Then read and review them, please?


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