It's going to be a Rock-N-Noirror Weekend

Sure a rock and roll weekend is great but have you ever had a Rock-N-Noirror Weekend?

Start with some cool tunes

Add some cool books.

The tunes are on you but we're going to help with the cool books.

To celebrate the release of Rock-N-Noirror 2 - It's So Easy a collection of noir and horror written by: 

Wolfgang Potterhouse

Gabriel Hart

Robert Ragan

 John Thompson

Bodie Myers

Bill Baber

Hector Duarte, Jr.

Scott Cumming

Todd Morr

and inspired by the band Guns N' Roses we're going to be giving away free e-books of Rock-N-Noirror 1 all-day Friday, August 6. Then on Saturday, you can pick up Rock-N-Noirror's first cousin A Night at Swinging Dicks Saloon for free.

But wait, that's not all, Rock-N-Noirror 2 - It's So Easy for a mere .99 all weekend.

Yeah, that's a lot of books filled with great stuff by some of the best indie writers around for pretty much nothing.

Which should leave you plenty of money for beer.

We're also debuting the It's So Easy trailer, which you can watch right now!
Check it out!

It's so Easy, just press play!

So there ya go, rock on.

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